Most Expensive Vapes In 2018 (Part 1)

As vapes grow in recognition, therefore, grows the need for more expensive vape mods, just the best field mods, various types and different special additions that can even grow up to the degree of a cultural status symbol. But why are these items therefore unique that individuals are willing to pay countless pounds only to have their practical them? Let's take a peek at some of the most luxurious mods in the marketplace, designed and manufactured for people who want to vape just the best vapes.

Extra Luxury School #1 $887,000 Shisha sticks Sofia

We start our list with an extremely costly vape pen. As the matter of reality, it is hard to ascertain if this is a vape or an item of jewelry. Despite the fact it's not just a vape mod, this piece of art justifies opening our chart of the most costly vape mods and vaping devices people use. A European billionaire chose to surprise his lover with a distinctive mod and commissioned UK Shisha sticks to create an $887 000, diamond-encrusted gift. It features a 24-carat gold button, Italian Murano glass, and 246 bits of 2-carat diamonds. It appears that as it pertains to enjoy, some folks are ready to allow thousands of countless pounds simply vaporize.

 #2 $109,000 SX350J Dual 18650 by Secret Pit Vapors

You will find no restricts as it pertains to 3D printing and the best way to prove that is by printing a $109,000 vape mod. Made and made by a New York organization, this excellent bit of computer is designed to employ 22mm Fat Dad Vapes 510 connection as well as Varitube 22mm 510. Yihicigars SX350J small signal panel is powered by double 18650 batteries, rechargeable via micro USB port.

#3 $10,000 Mod by Top Hat Mods

TI 26650 TOPHAT – this the title of a miracle from Tennessee that expenses just like an excellent used car. This product goes into various shades combined with wood. Titanium body makes it search lovely and the comfort absolutely values this price.

Vape style PROTOTYPE P2 with the Corresponding Trickle by Prime Had Mods is insanely costly and expenses just $7999.99. Actually, despite the fact, this revolutionary product is provided in the unique wood group the purchase price bites.

Different products by this business differ in their rates from $50 to thousands!