Most Expensive Vapes In 2018 (Part 2)

#4 $3,000 Otto Carter

Once the Texan firearms engraver jobs himself with designing distinctive vape pen, the result is just a perfectly hand-chiseled bit of art.

Otto Carter makes mods using steel and stainless steel and decorates the outer lining with many amazing patterns. All of Otto types fees between $1000 and $3000 simply due to the imaginative value.

#5 $2,500 Gepetto Elite V2

Polish mod designer and company Gepetto was among the first that introduced hand-made, custom vape mods, and became an creativity for many people to begin their own production.

Elite V2 goes on a little less under $1000; but, since these mods are distinctive, it is really difficult to find them on the market therefore bidding conflicts usually raise the value of just one system around $3,000-$4,000. Elite V2 is made out of handcrafted timber, with a metal cylinder operating through.

Regular Luxury Class

#1 $800 Duke SX

Horrible Ant is one of the very most popular mod producers in the world. They style and produce hand-made distinctive vaping equipment using numerous components from throughout the world.

When it comes to value, Duke SX is probably the most inexpensive among these amazing expensive mods, with the cost collection at about $800.Built with SX350J V2 chipset, Duke SX functions adaptable firing mods and many protection options to make sure the consumer is from the harm's way.

It's wonderful to see how creative people may be, and how amazing style functions can be found for people that have serious pockets and fat wallets. Nevertheless, the market is filled with high-end vape mods that are nearer to the budget of individuals with normal, non-billionaire income.

#2 $500 Fighter Mod Common DNA250C BF Squonk Twin 20700 with Evolv DNA250C Heat Get a handle on by Horrible Ant Plan thin

 When it comes to high-end vape mods, there is a special place reserved for Plan thin by Horrible Ant. Solid titanium housing claims durability and elegant look that conveys the attention of everyone around. Furthermore, titanium chassis makes that mod exceptionally lightweight.

Strong 250W result makes Plan thin maybe probably the most powerful mod on the market, making most of its competition far behind. Big LCD show helps the consumer to quickly understand through the options while using the two circular links located only under the 1.3 inch OLED screen.

The price clearly depicts the luxury that mod shows, presently ranging about $500, rendering it probably the most expensive vape method on our list.

Technical specs:

  • Variable Electricity: 5W-250W.

  • Variable Voltage: 2.0-8.4 Volt.

  • Rank 5 Titanium structure

  • 30 Amp current result

  • 2ohm minimal Atomizer opposition

  • 3″ OLED Display