Most Expensive Vapes In 2018 (Part 3)

#3 $250 Box Mod Vape Classic DNA250C BF Squonk Dual 20700 with Evolv DNA250C Temperature Control

Powered by Evolv DNA250C model, this product allows users full customization and control of these vaping experience. It doesn't occur often to find an item with such a sophisticated stability of energy and usability. On the very first search, the style is smooth and sophisticated, with just a couple skillfully put necessary details.

Ergonomic design allows a firm grasp, but it additionally makes control and customization really enjoyable. The central place is reserved for a tiny TFT exhibit that reveals most of the applicable information regarding current energy stage, battery, and settings.

The control keys are simply below the exhibit, making the change method simple to execute while holding the mod with one hand. There is also a mini USB outlet whereby mod joins to a battery charger, but it can also be used to update firmware and other application adjustments.

Probably one of the very most of use characteristics with this mod is Reverse Polarity Security which will keep secure both the item and the user. The listing of characteristics goes way beyond just what a standard user would want, nevertheless, for the cost of around $250 nothing less is expected.

Technical specs:

  • Proportions: Approx.: 85.4mm x 59.3mm x 39.2mm ; 103g

  • Output Energy 1W – 200W

  • Output Voltage: 0.2V – ~6.2V (dual battery configuration)

  • Temperature selection: 200 F – 600 F

  • Abs body

  • LED 11.52mm x 20.16mm Screen; 80 x 160 pixel TFT

  • 2A USB Receiving

#4 $220 Yihi Sx Mini

This mod is just screaming high-tech at a first view, even more, after it's put to use. Full-color TFT exhibit reveals numerous application choices to manage energy stage, manage taste, and various other choices that piece of vaping technology provides. Combined 18650 battery program can drive as much as 200W of energy, generating between 212-572F depending on user settings.

Sx Little is equipped with all the current security techniques that high-end mods must include. This means opposite polarity protection, overheating and overcharging security techniques, including anty-dry burning engineering that produces that setting one of the greatest in regards to heat control. Bluetooth technology allows that mod for connecting to a good device to be able to update application or change specific options, actually although control joystick allows simple navigation through the menu.

The purchase price sets Sx Little among medium priced high-end mods, wandering around $220, which can be fair considering what we get for the money.

#5 $190 Asvape Lucifer

The first thing that holds the eye in regards to this setting is its design. Wonderful wood stabilizer with metal and stainless steel positions implies that the style team prevailed to build functionality, ergonomics, and aesthetics. The energy of 240W originates from two batteries and the amount of unleashed energy is fully adjustable. The energy switch is a ruby-looking treasure that resembles Devil's attention, which actually matches the title with this mod. Asvape Lucifer usually takes as much as 28mm in dimension atomizers without any overheating risk. Coming with a price that orbits around $190 it's one of the fair priced vape mods. Put attractive design to the situation and Asvape Lucifer becomes a seductive present to anyone who desires to grow personal vape collection.

Technical specs:

  • Wattage result: 240W

  • Voltage Output: 3.6 – 6.8V

  • Minimal Atomizer Opposition Range: 0.15 ohm

  • Combined 18650 Battery

  • Jeweled Firing Switch Potentiometer

Are very pricey Vape Mods price the money?

The buyer culture we reside in nowadays dictates that tools and products must also supply both fashion and social position statements.

Spending a huge selection of dollars on vape mods seems both crazy and completely fair for vaping enthusiasts to take good delight within their hobby. As some could say-You can not put a price on love.