How to Use E-Pipes (Part 1)


Today we've given a run-down of the finest e-pipes in the marketplace, you might be thinking how precisely they work. The good thing is discovering how to utilize e-pipes is actually simple, especially when you are acquainted with vape mods in general.


Generally, pipe vape mod mods function like any mod. There's a slot for the battery (or one is integrated already) and a 510 relationship to attach your tank. This is generally involved together with your pipe, but also if it is not all you have to complete is mess it into the spot on the stem section of the tank.


After this you refill the reservoir, await the water to bathe in to the wick and then vape as you usually would. The fire key on e-cig pipe units is normally inside where in fact the stem bends around the pan, but might be on the pan itself.


Most of the most readily useful e-pipe mods are slightly more complicated than that because they've menu systems or variable wattage features. For units that just have variable wattage, you can pick your options by pressing one of the two change links on the device.


If you have to enter the menu, this really is generally done by pressing the fire key three times in rapid succession. How to understand it beyond that is dependent upon the unit, but is sometimes done utilising the change links or by pressing the fire key again to pattern through the options.