juul locator

The Juul, to use the parlance of the day has blown up to become the most recognized, best-selling e-cigarette of the current vaping era.

The Juul controls more than 50% of the e-cigarette market, which really is a significant milestone for a product that had only a 5% market share two years ago. As stated by Pax Labs CEO Kevin Burns, in an open letter posted to the official website, their stated mission is to, “eliminate cigarette smoking around the world one smoker at a time.”

Juul has entered into distribution agreements with major vendors like Krogers and Walmart around North America to ensure that there is always a Juul store nearby. Thus, the Juul spreads around the Internet and has also breached what was once solely the domain of Big Tobacco: retail stores.

Below you will find the juul locator to assist you to find the local vape store that should carry JUUL products. It's also a good idea to call them before going there.