Juul Shops Locator

Juul Locator is for those who doesn't like shopping online. Vape shops all over the country carry the Juul, so there are always Juul pods nearby for anyone needing a quick jolt of the Juul's patented nicotine salts. The Juul, however, has surpassed the bounds of being a novelty device found only in specialty retail shops and geared solely toward die-hard vaping enthusiasts.

Major retailers like 7-11, gas stations like Shell, and convenience store giant Cumberland Farms all sell the Juul and Juul accessories, as varied as mango Juul pods or the entire Juul starter kit. Prices for the basic kit (no pods included) in retail stores varies widely.

Walmart, for example, sells the basic device, with no pods and only a charger, for $41, which really is a slight markup from the $35 price tag on the Juul website. The Juul starter kit, which comes with five flavor pods, sells for $50 online.