What’s The Best Cotton For Vaping? (Part 1)

Best cotton for vaping is an art form in regards to rebuildables with every one featuring its own little quirks.

You need a lot of cotton in a few – less in the others – long feet in still another and hardly any within the next one.

So does the particular cotton you use make any big difference?

BTW this is simply not a lesson in wicking per se – I'd be here for weeks if it absolutely was lol plus I suck at it primarily haha – instead it's a quick look at the bewildering array of vape cotton out there.

I determined to own a look at this after running out of my go to standard deal cellar Muji and picking right up a named brand.

The jump I obtained in style was really rather startling to say the smallest amount of and for the last couple weeks I have been testing 7 of the better-known vape cotton manufacturers out there.

I decided them from randomly looking Bing and of course from reading what the Vape Lord reviewers on the market used.


Right out the back was the Indigenous Wicks Platinum which hardly soaked up a 1/5th of their period compared to the x2 Mujis which consumed like fish!